The Best Way to Find Off-Market Property Deals in Florida

Off-market, or properties not listed on the local MLS, are the holy grail of real estate investors. Unfortunately, locating off-market listings is more challenging with the National Association of Realtors’ changes in 2020 in their MLS Statement 8.0 Clear Cooperation Policy, requiring brokers listing on the MLS to submit listings within one business day of offering a listing for public sale. 

There are many ways to find off-market property deals in Florida, and for the best results, it’s recommended you find the combination of at least a few that work best for you as an investor. But, of course, no matter which you select as your method, nothing replaces due diligence. Investors can find off-market properties through direct mail efforts, online sites that offer properties for sale by the owners, or FSBOs. Driving for dollars is another option, going street by street through areas of Florida that you’re focused on investing in and searching for signs that a property is abandoned or showing signs of neglect.

If you’re an investor seeking to benefit from the advantages of off-market property deals and their fantastic potential in returns, you’re not alone. When there is more demand than supply, it’s challenging to attain new holdings for your portfolio, and these off-market properties increase your odds of being the winning bid. 

And, because there is little to no competition when you locate an off-market property, there is less pressure to rush the process, giving you more time to assess the property and make your decision. So read on as we explore the best way to find off-market property deals in Florida.

Understanding Values

Before you find off-market property deals in Florida, you must understand current market values. Real estate investing requires daily interactions with the market to remain on top of changing market trends and adjust your investment strategy in real time. Professional buyers like those at CORE Capital are local investors who built a career here in Florida and have a passion for helping other investors succeed. These top-notch dedicated professionals keep their fingers on the market’s pulse as an intricate part of the behind-the-scenes force improving properties, neighborhoods, and the lives of our neighbors here in Florida while increasing property values.

Running Numbers

Before you sign the contract, you must have plugged in the data to find profitable off-market property deals in Florida. The bottom line is that real estate is a numbers game, and profit is the game’s name. Professional buyers like those at CORE Capital know the winning formulas that investors rely on to win. So when you work with professional buyers at CORE Capital and their full-service in-house team of industry specialists, you’ll have the data you need to run the numbers and ensure the highest returns on your investment dollar.


It’s not enough to find off-market property deals in Florida; you must also be able to control your emotions and master the art of negotiating with every type of personality in the most stressful situations to win the day. Professional buyers like those at CORE Capital are seasoned experts at negotiations. 

CORE Capital

Working with professional buyers at CORE Capital is the best way to find off-market property deals in Florida. With a vast network of connections, the professional buyers at CORE Capital are often the first to know about properties that will soon be available, giving our investors the advantage of years of networking with every profession associated with the real estate industry. Why not talk to one of the professional buyers at CORE Capital and ask any questions or share any concerns you have about getting started today? Call CORE Capital at 561-264-5609.

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